Natural Hair Queen

True purpose of this company is to help others on their natural hair journey with knowlodge over the years. You can find information, tips and tricks and buy if you like a series of creams for your natural hair. I spent a lot of efford on the logo design, where i wanted to create something unique, easily recognised and rememberable. I think i managed to do that by incoporating the letter “Q” (queen) with a crown. It has placed on the left side and it slightly bigger that the rest of the font. It can stand alone as a symbol or with the companion of the rest of the text. It looks great on small surfaces and print materials. Web applications like socila media banners, pop up banners, CTA banners, e-books, advertisment materials, website and product packaging followed by using the same principles and brand guidedness.

Client: Natural Hair Queen
Services: Branding, Web, UI