The product is a card that blocks RFID readers from reading inforamtion off of your other credit cards. It’s a product that helps keep your credit card information secure so the logo should convey security, protected, safe, guarded.

Client: DefendBit
Services: Branding, Web, UI


I spend a lot of time developing this Logo and I think I finally accomplish something that can present it to all. While i was researching and developeing the Logo, the name changed from SecureBits to what it is now, so the most of my ideas and draws which was based on the letter S was useless at that point. What i did was to stay on my main idea an create a new logo based on the shape of a shield as the costumers liked that idea from the begining.

After a few sketches and a lot of thinking i managed to combine the shape of a shield with the initial letter “D” and by cuting off the edges to give the look of a credit card chip. The logo consists 3 “shields”, each of them represents all the above.