Aurum Exlusive

Aurum Exlusive is a locally family jewelry business, running the last 20 years. Business passed from parents to son’s hands and a new name and brand came up. Company is fairly new but I have the quality and expertise as my parents. Also, I produce traditional jewelry such as them but also have inclined a lot towards more contemporary jewelry for things such as custom designs, new designs, etc. My jewelry product line is composed of 3 major pillars in products: 1) graduation / class rings 2) engagement / wedding rings 3) custom made jewerly. I also make chains and bracelets as traditional in my region.

Client: Aurum Exlusive
Services: Logo, Branding,


I want to portray the luxury feel of jewelry with my company but I want the client to recognize the logo and think “Aurum Exclusive”. I would like the logo to be recognizable and appealing to the eyes.


The word “Aurum” [awr-uh m]  is a Latin word for Gold and has its origin back to 1500. As the word  indicates, the gold color was necessary for the branding and  black color made a perfect match. Also the initails A and E used for the creations of the symbol in a diamond shape.